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Urban design for modern interior design

Urban design is a raging decorative trend.

Urban design is a clever mix between chic decoration and raw materials. Private individuals and lovers of elegance surf on this new wave of interior design and some interior designers specialize.

The mix of genres for interior design

Urban design (or Urban chic) combines raw materials such as concrete or brick with other more noble materials such as leather or wood in a refined interior. This mix of decorative styles brings a note of softness to interiors. Inspired by the great world capitals such as Paris and New York, this trend is now established in modern living rooms. It is particularly well suited to large spaces with bay windows and high ceilings such as lofts or Haussmann-style apartments.

The fusion of different materials allows each piece of furniture to stand out in the interior landscape. For example, a corner sofa in white leather next to a lacquered coffee table will stand out if it rests on an antique parquet floor. To furnish your living room, you can find furniture in department stores, but the ideal is still to find second-hand furniture on the internet, at flea markets and garage sales.

Industrial steel furniture with its clean lines or metal shelves and desks will create a sensation on a brick wall. Add to this a steel mirror and octagonal metal or glass lighting and you will have a typical Urban chic living room. Sobriety and eclecticism are the key words of this new trend. Avoid heavy patterns for your walls as well as for your fabrics or cushions and accumulate geometric shapes for your furniture.

Urban design, a question of tone

For colours, neutral tones are de rigueur.ideally they should match each other and a dark grey armchair will match a light grey wall or black furniture for a harmonious whole.white is also the ally of Urban chic create surprise and give a little life to the whole, choose an artistic object large enough and colourful enough to stand out in the landscape.

Work with bold combinations of materials and colours.white stained wood, for example, goes perfectly with frosted glass.for your flowers, opt for concrete pots and create a form of ecological poetic language in each of your rooms.for a coffee table or side table, turn to chrome or coloured glass accessories.this imbalance between material and colour will surprise your guests’ eyes.

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