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interior design

Interior decoration, but what are we talking about! Who doesn't want a warm home, a unique and dazzling decor, in short, a dream home, because this is not included in the houses for sale .

Here are a few tips to help you succeed in your interior design.

Favour natural luminosity. We keep telling you this, but that's because it's one of the most important points in a development project. Investing in bay windows or daring to separate rooms with an interior glass roof can be a very good idea. It creates a passage of light from one room to another and gives a crazy charm to the house. French windows are also an important source of natural light and allow an opening to the outside.

Be simple and use neutral and sober tones. Don't try to paint a wall in a flashy color or make an entire kitchen in an orange color just to have a unique decor. Colors match the typology of the spaces: size, format, natural luminosity. The trendy gray can make a room very contemporary and charming and on the contrary cool down the space completely. And that's not counting the many shades available. When in doubt, opt for neutral and sober tones. White walls are not sad, on the contrary, they enlarge the space and free space to invest the decoration with objects and accessories.

Speaking of decorative objects. How to choose objects and accessories for home decoration? Start by studying the space available to you. No need to add accessories everywhere, the accumulation effect to be well needs to be carefully thought out. Minimalism is always more judicious when you don't really know what goes with the whole. Beware of paintings from countries you've never been to or pictures of celebrities you don't even know. A good way to add a colorful and cosy touch is to invest in cushions, for example. A frame of vintage mirrors or pictures in a section of wall are also simple and easy ideas. Reserve a place for a nice shelf and bet on books, objects and plants.

Plants. This is a timeless and perfect inspiration to embellish a home. Always have a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and a few houseplants always make a room warmer and friendlier. For those who don't have a green thumb, succulents and cacti have become the darlings of interior design. No excuses are possible. In addition, it is always possible to create a new decor with seasonal flowers. A nice way to always have a new decor without having to spend a lot of money.

Don't clutter up the space. No, just because you find a nice table doesn't mean it will look good in your home. And just because you've just bought a new house doesn't mean you have to buy all the furniture you think is beautiful. And it's not because vintage decoration is trendy that you're going to find 50 new objects at Emmaus or at a flea market. Think about the size of your room and your needs. Think about the essentials and, with experience, add new objects as you go along to suit your personal style. Less is more!

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